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The Serene wooden bunk bed is a timeless classic and one of the most versatile sleeping options available on our store. Available in different colours, this practical space-saving solution will fit nicely within any room. The neutral colour scheme and unobtrusive features allow this piece of furniture to blend in inconspicuously with almost any choice of interior design and decoration.

The frame itself is constructed from solid wood that provide total stability and complete security.

This bed’s versatility doesn’t stop at the design though, the best part about the Serene bunk bed is that you can choose whether to have a bunk bed or two separate single beds. You can decide to swap and change as the situation calls for each time. Just simply detach the top bed from the bottom bed, remove the ladders and there you have it – two single beds!

Both bunks feature a solid slatted base for firmer support towards each mattress. This will allow more air to circulate underneath the bed and should prolong the lifetime of your mattresses.

Type: Twin/Twin

Colour: White


Bunk Bed: (80"L 42"W 71"H)